Who can become a member of OPTIMA?

OPTIMA operates as an open system. Member of the Association can become every organization which offers language education, provided that it complies with the terms of the Statute. The most important condition is that the organization has functioned for at least three years.

Organizations which are not directly related to language education but whose interests and professional commitment in this area are significant, such as publishing houses, examination institutions, cultural organizations and etc. may become associate members of OPTIMA after nomination or invitation.

What are the benefits of OPTIMA membership?

The activities of OPTIMA stimulate the development of private language centres and schools. It has a positive effect on the public sector, which OPTIMA works closely with. The Association offers its members numereous opportunities to exchange experience on national and international level.



Procedure for admission of members

Stage I – Application

An application form for membership must be sent via e-mail. The form must be accompanied by:

  • a copy of court registration and a copy of certificate of good standing of the applicant organization
  • brief information about the organization
  • promotional materials and/or website of the candidate

Stage II – Meeting with a representative of OPTIMA

Once the documents are being reviewed by the Board of OPTIMA, a meeting will be organized in the office of the applicant.

Stage III –  Admission – Annual General Meeting

The admission is voted by the members of OPTIMA during the Annual General Meeting, which is held once or twice a year. The membership is active after the payment of an entrance membership fee.